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The Writers Blog Tour – Why do I write what I do?

A few weeks ago I was asked by my close friend, an incredibly inspirational woman who has shown me the possibilities of this world being endless, to join in “The Writers Blog Tour”.

Kim Brown (pictured with her amazing adventourous blog) emailed me asking if she can nominate me to something completely new. We are all used to ice bucket challenge nominations and other social media viral kind of nominations. I wondered what this was going to be about and agreed to be nominated.

Firstly, I questioned what do I have to do if she indeed nominated me. Secondly, I wondered who came up with this brilliant idea of nominating people’s blogs. These are not just any blogs – these blogs must be written by women and nominated by women.

The Writers Blog Tour makes you reflect on your own writing, the purpose of it, through a set of questions to answer. Before I go ahead and answer these questions, I wanted to thank Kim Brown for choosing my blog and nominating me. I realise how known and popular she is and how many bloggers and blogs she must be reading and following. Such  nomination means a lot to me especially if you can only nominate TWO women.

Kim has been a great inspiration in my life and in my early years of living in London she played a big part! She was my boss! In fact she never likes to admit she was a boss, she always referred to me as a friend. She guided me through my first years working for her and her business partner and I spent a lot of great business trips laughing and giggling with her.

She is the one person I am sure she found a real purpose in life. She left a profitable business where she was very respected and loved for her marketing ideas and out of a box thinking and sold out everything her and her husband owned only to sail around the world with him and their gorgeous 3 year old daughter Sienna. It was not easy for her to follow her dream and indeed the UK media and public were very judgemental about her decisions to sail around the world with a young child.

As it stands she is living the dream! I am positive plenty of her bad-wishers are very jealous now! Her blog is very descriptive and very real. She reflects on her journery around the Greek islands, her and her daughters encounters whether bad or good and is very honest about how things are in her life. Along her journey she meets incredible people, tries out cuisines and all that can be found on her blog. She also describes her troubles of owning a boat and sailing it almost non-stop as well as cooking and living on board. Very well written and of course well worth a read and following. Keep it up Kim!!!

My Writers Blog Tour Interview (Jana Korpova)

What am I currently working on?

I have a few posts in my “Draft”, so to be honest I have always a variety of articles which are being currently worked on. One of them which keeps me busy is about long term impacts of life with no processed foods and sugar in your diet. I am in my 5th week of a 12 weeks mission where I am trying out living without certain foods and also returning back to training (weightlifting and crossfit). All my observations are recorded on a daily basis from week 1 till now! It’s an incredible change for me and I would be excited to publish a post on this topic.

How does my work differ from others in my genre?

I never thought of this! To be truthful I started a blog because many of my friends said I had something to say. Well, I always do. In real life I won’t get unnoticed. But, back to the question. I think I differ from others by being real and honest. It is very hard in fitness blogging or health blogging to be unbiased and honest. I think my articles reflect my own personal project which was changing my body and lifestyle.

I also believe that there are similar blogs by women out there, but they are almost professional fitness people, advisors, PTs, nutritionists etc. But I am not!! I am actually a full time employed “city girl” and thus my approach and reflection of reality is of a real busy person. Being healthy in a full time job based in the office is very hard! I understand that myself and reflect upon it in my blogs.

Why do I write what I do?

My writing is dedicated to those who struggle with finding a way to change their life from what it is to what it can be. There is too much information out there which I found to be following myself which is incorrect or irrelevant. My aim when I started this blog was to de-clutter and prove on my own body and in my life what worked, works or doesn’t work.

Purpose of every article is challenge misconceptions about diets, weights, fitness, weightlifting and other health myths and support the cause for healthy living through living it myself.

How does my writing process work?

With my full time job, busy life of a London girl, passion for travelling and actual training I find very little time to write. I have too many drafts opened, but my process usually starts with a conversation with fellow athletes or a coach or even with my dad who is a coach.

I then take the idea of what we discussed and either challenge it or support it with my post. I only write if I have a real personal experience of such subject or matter.


Continuing the tour…

I nominate Collette Pryer and Caity Haniver. They are both aspiring athletes whom I met on my humble and short journey through fitness, crossfit and weightlifting.

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Collette and her blog on how to live life without sugar outlines not only health benefits but also her true and honest experiment of her and her husband changing their lifestyle. Colette is my great friend and since I’ve met her she was supportive and always had words of encouragement. Her full personality of knowledgeable nutritionist and athlete is reflected in her writing style of her blog.

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Caity is another strong woman I've met not long ago. Her blog on female equality and fitness are a reflection of her own journey as a professional athlete. From gymnast to a weightlifting and crossfit coaching. Caity with her beautiful personality and determination to succeed portrays an ideal strong woman of 21st century to me. Her personal journey of ups and downs, learnings is reflected in her blog.

This concludes my tour!

Over to you ladies!

I am a girl and I lift heavy